Let the sun pay your monthly bills!

Heat your pool at zero cost, water your plants with full energetic autonomy and forget the electricity bill at the end of the month.

DreamPools Energia Solar Renovavel

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DreamPools Energia Solar Renovavel

Self Sufficient Energy Production

DreamPools Energia Solar Renovavel

Renewable Solar Energy

  1. When you install solar accessories in your house, pool or garden, you are letting the sun do its job - and you are paying nothing for it. This is one of the reasons why solar investment is currently the best option on the market.
  2. Our solution is paid for in a few years and you are freed of energy costs that increase every month. Be free of monthly expenses with electricity.
  3. We do the full installation in record time, assure professional service, and you are safe in your investment as the sun works for you every day, and pays for your electricity bills.

Heat your pool at zero cost

DreamPools Energia Solar Renovavel

Imagine arriving at your pool and the water is cold, uncomfortable... Forget that past - now you can always have your water warm and inviting for a long swim in the pool with the whole family! Let the sun work every day to heat up your pool, with the solar collectors for pool water heating. Our collectors are highly effective and guarantee the heating of your pool's water throughout the year, but mainly from April to September when you use it the most. These collectors are installed on roofs or land surrounding the pool, preferably facing South, and are always working without you noticing them. At DREAMPOOLS we build your pool based on over 30 years of experience... and now we guarantee that you will always have warm water throughout the year!
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Pump water for free

DreamPools Energia Solar Renovavel

Let our latest technology pump water through NOW installation systems with submersible and surface pumps of the highest quality. These winning systems are powered by the sun's free energy - and you save hundreds, or even thousands of euros a year on your electricity bills. The submersible pumps are the right option for water catchment from holes, and the surface pumps also work by means of the sun's renewable energy and are used as circulator pumps for pools. Everything always with a safe investment, recoupable in a few years and without monthly expenses with your electricity company. Assure a very fast return on the investment in your pool or watering system.
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Heat up your house with solar energy

DreamPools Energia Solar Renovavel

The same energy that heats up our planet can be used to heat up your bath water, turn on all the lights in the house, and even fully charge the central heating during the cold autumn and winter nights. Our friend the sun is the faithful companion of those who look to heat up their home with solar energy, without ridiculous expenses every month with the electricity bills. Let our photovoltaic panel and solar heater systems produce all the energy necessary for your home: the former are responsible for the transformation of solar energy into electric energy. With those panels we can use the sun to turn on the lights in our homes or to turn on a TV. The second way of transforming solar energy is through the use of solar heaters, which transform this energy into hot water for showers or pools.
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Always Have Free Energy

Solar energy is the big investment of today, and the right choice for a future without high expenses with energy companies. With the rising cost of traditional energy and the low investment in solar energy, this solution is ideal.

Save Money Every Month

Your savings, starting immediately from the first month, are considerable, and the investment is recoupable in a short time, especially when the monthly bill from the energy companies is increasing almost every month...

Make Use of Portugal's Sun

Our great country, Portugal, has sunny days almost year round, and even during winter months we can see the sun regularly! This is the secret to using renewable energy to heat up your home and pool throughout the year!

Save Money Every Month

Ask now for more information and start saving on your monthly bills immediately. We answer quickly and without commitment.
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